He's at it again. After a devastating cyclone in Bangladesh and a bungled attempt to break into a Luxembourg jail The Alphabet Traveller sets off to cross the Stans of Central Asia by foot, horse, jeep and bicycle. But when he's hi-jacked by the military police in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and escorted across the Kazakh steppes with a Lada full of vodka, not everything goes quite as planned.

So he heads west along the old Silk Road, takes a humiliating de-trousering in his stride and follows the path of Islam from the deserts of Mauritania to the islands of the Indian Ocean. To the charm and tragedy of war-torn Mozambique, the seductive yet surprisingly sinister Seychelles and the mad dogs, razor sharks and cuddly lemurs of magnificent Madagascar...

The Ten-Letter Countries

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Release date March 1st, 2012